What do plans cost?

The cost of plans are based on several things. The complexity of the project has the most impact on cost. A 4,000 s.f. rectangle could be less cost to design than a 2,000 s.f. structure with multiple roofs, wall heights, and grade variations. The second factor that drives the cost of plans is the volume of drawings needed by your jurisdiction to obtain a permit. Each jurisdiction around the country will require specific drawings of specific areas of your project. These could range from engineering if you are in an seismic zone or a survey of the property if you have tight setbacks for example. The other factors that drive costs of plans is how much information you as the client need documented in the plans. Each project is quoted on an individual basis based on the requirements described above.

How much does a 3d rendering of my project cost?

Due to the wide scope of what is possible with 3d models and renderings, 3d work is billed by the hour. On an hourly basis the client can terminate the process and development of their rendering at any time when the scope has reached the client’s needs. This method allows the client to be in control of the budget.

What is required to prepare shop drawings for construction?

To prepare shop drawings a full set of construction documents signed and stamped by the architect and engineer of record shall be available. In addition to the construction documents both the architect and engineer shall be available for clarifications and approvals required by each state.

How Long does it take to create my plans? I want to build tomorrow!

Building a home is complex with many moving parts. For many clients the amount of information needed to design their new home can be overwhelming. Because of this the average client takes three months to complete the construction drawings. Some clients take more time and others take less. Even though our time at J. Krentz Design is less, the process for the client to make decisions when developing their home is most often more. As our clients provide answers we continue the process so you as the client are in control of the time to construction documents.

Can you design or work with me in my area?

Yes! We have completed many projects for clients all around the country and as far as the Middle East. The preferred method of work with our clients is pdf reviews and phone conversations. This is true with clients that live across town or thousands of miles away. We are flexible to take calls or meetings at times when you are available. We also have relationships with contractors, engineers, and other professionals to help you realize your dreams anywhere you live.