J. Krentz Design can supply Construction Project Shop Drawings for approval before any work starts in the shop or out on the construction site. Our shop drawings provide detailed assembly information and precise fabrication information in both 2d and 3d to help speed construction accuracy and reduce costs. Below are some of the standards we use when preparing shop drawings for your project.

Comparison information for the architect and engineer on Construction Project Shop Drawings

Shop drawings address the appearance, performance, and prescriptive descriptions in the specifications and construction drawings. Shop drawings are more detailed in description than the information shown in the construction documents provided by the architect and engineer. References to the construction documents, drawings, and specifications are provided to assist the architect and engineer in their review of the shop drawings. We strive to provide clear, accurate and schematically complete shop drawings to facilitate the architect’s and engineer’s approval of product fabrication and assembly before construction.

Notes of changes or alterations from the construction documents

Notes concerning changes or differences from the original Construction Project Shop Drawings documents will be made for the architect’s and engineer’s approval prior to the completion of final shop drawings. Ultimately, the architect and engineer of record are responsible for any changes to the construction documents and should have the opportunity to analyze these modifications. A dialogue between J. Krentz Design and the architect and engineer is necessary to resolve any areas needing clarification. Successful installations are the result of collaboration between J. Krentz Design, the designer, fabricator, and contractor.

Information needed to fabricate the product

Dimensions, manufacturing conventions, and special fabrication instructions are included in the shop drawings. Clarity and accuracy are paramount to our drawings. The construction documents are rarely used as a reference in fabrication or assembly, with the fabricators relying on the shop drawing for all information.

Indication of dimensions needing verification from the jobsite

In renovations existing dimensions need to be verified. A dimension may be shown on the Construction Project Shop Drawings, but the actual dimension may vary, from very small to large increments, depending on jobsite conditions. We will field measure all existing conditions as needed to ensure the shop drawings are accurate for fabrication and assembly.

Some fabricators and manufacturers will use company specific symbols, data, or instructions concerning installation. We will work with the fabricator and contractor to prepare shop drawings that work in their language to provide the smoothest most cost effective transition from drawing to assembly.