Construction Plan and Code Review Takes Time

If you’ve tackled a construction plan and code review project in the past, you understand that it takes an enormous amount of time and effort to plan and code Review architectural drawings that meet all applicable building code requirements. That’s why, in many cases, architects choose to work with building code compliance consultants to help ensure that the project is on the right track.

While your first instinct may be to save money by going through the code compliance part of your project on your own, the DIY route often ends up costing you more time, effort and money than if you partnered up with a consultant from the very beginning.

Maintaining Your Timeline
It’s best to partner with a code compliance consultant from the very beginning of your project if you want to maintain your timeline. Compliance consultants can work with you during the design phase to advise and correct any issues before you submit your architectural drawings. If you don’t hire a consultant until after a problem occurs, the longer it will take to fix the issues.

Staying Within Budget
Spend money to save money? It may seem counterproductive, but building code violations can greatly impact your project financially. If you are able to work with a code compliance consultant before submitting a project it can potentially eliminate the need to correct errors, saving you time and money.

Construction Plan and Code Review

Industry Expertise
We hold building code licensing in several states and keep those licenses current with continuing education.  In addition to keeping up to date with local and national ICC codes, our experience in both construction and design makes us better equipped to understand, interpret, and adapt building code. We can stop a building code violation before it starts by addressing potential issues before permitting begins. The average architect doesn’t have the ability to have in-depth knowledge of a variety of different local building codes. And, if worst comes to worst, you are hit with a violation, we know the right people to speak with at your local municipality to ensure the violation is dealt with quickly and that construction doesn’t get held up.
MN License:    #BO002870
WI License:      #1074608

Providing a Range of Services
At J. Krentz Design we cover a wide range of construction plan and code review services, so you don’t have to. Here is a sample of what our plan and code review services can cover:

  • Handicapped Accessibility and ADA Reviews
  • Building Plan Review
  • Zoning Analysis

Improves the Process
Most importantly, hiring a code consultant should make your construction plan and code review project easier to manage. The construction process is difficult; don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Without the burden of code compliance, you can focus on more important issues.

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